Mouse and Moon Creations
Mouse and Moon Creations
Cocktails created with the spirits and ingredients of the Pacific Northwest. An art and recipe project by Mouse and Moon Creations, Portland, OR

A Creative studio in Portland, Oregon

Specializing in beverage photography and creative services


Why Mouse and Moon?

Your next campaign, ad, website, product is the most important project to you, which means it’s the most important project to us. Our playful style makes us fun to work with, but we take your work seriously. With an array of delivery options, a variety of abilities, we are your creative boots on the ground. Contact us today and let’s find out how Mouse and Moon can help with your next project.

What we do


Web | Print | Editorial | Creative | Lifestyle


Advertising copy | Web content | Creative


Print | Web | Collateral | Events



The artists and photographers of Mouse and Moon bring a combined 30+ years of creative experience on projects big and small. Today, we continue making pictures and telling stories, both for our valued clients and our own internal projects.


Local and proud

We love Portland, and we love the thriving cocktail culture found here. Long known for both beer and coffee, Portland is now recognized as the pioneer of craft distilling, and we’re proud to be part of it


Take your creative to the next level

We care about your product and your project as much as you do, and would love to hear more. Contact us today and find out how we can raise the bar for your product photography, and don’t forget to ask about our NEW CLIENT DISCOUNT! It’s the least we can do to help you get to know us!


Our projects

Current project


The Portland Pour

A cocktail art and recipe blog celebrating the craft cocktails and local spirits of Portland, and the Pacific Northwest.

Visit The Portland Pour

Past Projects

Mouse and Moon Creations

The original Mouse and Moon, founded in 2014 by Portland artists Tony M, and Gwynievere Marlow. An eclectic collection of fairy tale and miniature photography.